Thank Goodness It's... Monday?!

May 17, 2010

Yesterday ended up not being the best day in our house. We drove back from my Dad’s and Bella said she couldn’t sleep in the car. We figured she would fall asleep once we got home, but that also ended up not happening, so we went grocery shopping. By the time we got home, unpacked, and cleaned, it was 4 p.m. Bella was extremely upset and fussy from not having a nap, so Eric asked her to sit with him and within minutes she was asleep! I was okay with her sleeping so late since she was so exhausted!

I decided to let them both take a nap and made dinner. I felt fine making the dinner, but once it was ready and I got to sit down for a minute, I got a terrible migraine. I was nauseous along with the terrible pain. I let Eric & Bella eat dinner and I ended up falling asleep myself! By the time I woke up, Eric had fed & bathed Bella for me, and she was in a great mood watching her shows. I was still feeling weak and exhausted, so I just relaxed, spent some time with Eric & Bella, and after she went to bed, caught up on my shows. I can’t believe how Brothers & Sisters ended!! I was so upset! Ha!

Today I am feeling much better. Bella has been complaining of an ear ache since Saturday, so Grandma (bless her!) was able to take her to Dr. B’s to get it looked at this morning. Turns out she just has swimmer’s ear and not an ear infection! Thank goodness! So now we are starting ear drops tonight to help.

I am hoping this week flies by so we can celebrate Sonia’s birthday with her Saturday night. Grandma & Grandpa will be out of town soon, so they are super excited to watch her that night for us! We are so blessed to have such great parents!! Eric's live here and help us so much, mine live back in Dallas and just love spending time with Bella. We are truly blessed!

Here is a video of Bella coming down the slide for the 1st time! She was so excited!!

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