Virtual Meltdown

May 18, 2010

Last night was crazy to say the least. When we got home, I had to give Bella her ear drops. She was scared to death! I calmed her down and dropped them in slowly to show her it didn't hurt. It's only for her right ear, so I had her lay on her side with her ear up for a few minutes after I did the drops to make sure they stayed in and did their job. Bella was fine and laid there watching her show. I heated up left overs from Sunday night and Eric got home from work right when I was finishing. Bella always sits at her little table and watches her shows during dinner since she's not very fond of Wheel of Fortune right now. No biggie, so I got her table and tv show set up and turned our tv to our show. Bella just started bawling and threw herself on the floor because I turned off the credits of the show she was watching on the big tv! Eric & I both tried calming her down and she got worse. So we decided time out would be best. We put her in a chair facing the wall right in front of us, and then she started hyperventilating!! I'm not joking, she had a meltdown screaming that she was scared to sit in the chair! Now Eric & I both agree that spanking a 3 year old is a huge no-no, so we tried everything to get her to sit in time out until she calmed down. Didn't work... So, I finally just got her and held her in my lap cuddling her and showing her she was okay and not to be so scared. She finally calmed down, ate her dinner, and watched a show.

After the huge meltdown, she was great! Ha! We danced and sang in the living room until her bedtime. Let's hope tonight goes a little more smoothly!!

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