And Away We Go!

June 11, 2010

1st thing tomorrow morning we are leaving home and heading on our 1st official family vacation!! We are all so excited! The house is sparkling clean, clothes are packed, and we are ready to go!

Bella got her hair cut because I am in love with it & she was starting to loose the cute cut. So, after cutting her hair, we went to HEB and got snacks & drinks for the car ride tomorrow. We are heading to Lubbock and going to do a little shopping while there. (I am praying I find an Old Navy because tank tops are $2 tomorrow only!!) I have quite a few Tech friends that told me some great places to eat, so I am pretty excited!

The other thing is that I have been glued to to see about the whole Big XII debacle. From what I hear the Horns are heading to the Pac 10. I'd much rather see them in the SEC, but I guess the Pac 10 isn't too bad. The only downfall is that most of the teams are on the East Coast which is 2 hours behind us. Any night games are going to be pretty late here CST. But we will get used to it, we never miss a game!

Last thing and I am done... I will be taking copious amounts of pictures & plan on posting a few throughout the week on here. I don't plan on writing much, just a few pictures here & there. We'll see how that goes! Have a great weekend!

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