Getting Festive!

June 2, 2010

So as you know if you ever even look at my blog, I love to change the look of my blog. I always searching for new backgrounds that would be cute, and finally figured out how to make headers as well (although right now I went with just an adorable picture of Bella!) I have decided to get festive for 4th of July! I love the feeling that comes with Independence Day... the bbq's, smell of sun tan lotion, the feeling you get watching fireworks right above you, etc. I hope you like what I picked because honestly I love it! Almost like an old fashioned Independence feel. It just makes me smile!

In family news, I had a small scare with my Dad today. A helicopter went down in Midlothian with a pilot & tech in it that both died in the accident. It took off from the airport my dad works at. I immediately called and he answered and told me he was fine and had heard about the accident on his way home from work. He said he doesn't know who was in the helicopter, but we're all praying for their families.

Here in Austin, we are under severe thunderstorm warnings. Apparently 60 mph winds & golf ball sized hail have been seen Northwest of us and heading here. We're hoping it misses us at least the winds & hail miss us.

Bella did great today in school! No accidents going on 3 weeks now! Her new Aqua Tots swim class started today & she had splash day as well! She was so excited to swim twice in one day. Her new teachers have great things to say about her, which is great! She seems to be one of the youngest (aka smallest) kids in her class now, but is able to keep up with all of them. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful, smart baby girl!

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