Problems at School

July 13, 2010

Lately for some reason, Bella has been mean and upset at her teachers. She only has 2 teachers, one in the mornings & one in the afternoons, but both are saying she is yelling at them & not listening. When I ask her why she is acting like this, she says she is mad at them but won't tell me why. We don't allow her to act like that to any adults, so every time we hear that she was mean to either of her teachers, she gets her tv shows taken away for the evening. Last night she had to watch The Bachelorette with me until bath time because she yelled at Miss Mali. I don't understand what is causing her to act like this. I have been extremely stressed lately at work & home, so I am thinking maybe she is seeing me stressed and upset & is acting out herself? We've been talking to her multiple times a day to try and understand what is going on & to let her know she can't act like that to any adults, so hopefully it will help. We will see what happens when I pick her up this afternoon...

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