Scraped & Bruised

July 22, 2010

My sweet baby girl is more like a sweet baby boy lately. She hates wearing dresses, loves playing sports, doesn't like playing with dolls or girly toys, & loves Spiderman & Superman! I got her into a dress today for school by putting her shorts on underneath! When I was growing up I was such a tomboy too, so I see myself a lot in her. Plus her Daddy is pretty much awesome at all sports, so he teaches her soccer, baseball, football, etc. when they play.

On Tuesday, Eric's mom picked Bella up from school since we were all meeting at Rudy's for dinner. When we got there, Mom told us that Bella had a major fall running to get to the front door. Both knees & one arm was completely scraped up. Bella seemed fine with it & wasn't upset by the time we got there. Grandma cleaned her up and she was okay. She had swim lessons yesterday and seemed to be okay getting into the chlorine. I went to pick her up yesterday at school and there was an incident report for me at her cubby. Seems she was jumping up & down when she lost her balance and ended up falling and hitting her cheek on the side of a table. Now on top of the scraped arms & legs, she has a nice long bruise on her right cheek! She looks like she's been through a lot lately! I guess it's all part of being a kid! (Especially a tomboy!)

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