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August 4, 2010

Last month was the last month for Bella’s school to have swim lessons. We felt it was a little too early to have her stop taking lessons, so we signed her up with Aqua Tots again for the month of August. The upside is that Eric & I can watch her twice a week get to learn swimming and see the joy it brings her. The downside is that it’s exactly 1 hour after Bella & I get home. May not seem bad, but when you have to get dinner cooked, eat, and get her changed and ready to go within 40 minutes, it means that we are constantly rushing. Eric has to meet us there now that he works further away, so he doesn’t get dinner until after we get home. Yesterday was the 1st class and although we were a wee bit stressed and rushing, we got there on time and Bella did great! She has her old teacher she had last spring and was so excited to get him again. She was the only kid that would jump into the pool without help. She did great and we were so excited!
Today, Eric has off from work, so he kept Bella home with him. They haven’t got to spend a lot of time together lately, so she was super excited. They are going to watch “Despicable Me” at the theater this morning, and then going to the pool this afternoon. I am jealous because I am working all day, but really happy they get a day together. Eric is such a great Dad & Bella just adores him!
Have a great Wednesday!

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