Fast as Can Be

August 1, 2010

This weekend just flew by.  We drove up to my Dad's house on Friday after work and got in somewhat late.  I thought we should take a short cut and it ended up taking us an extra 30 minutes since we missed the exit and almost ended up in Ft. Worth!  Bella slept 3/4 of the way, so it worked out well and she was in a good mood when we got there.

Saturday, we drove to Farmer's Branch for my nephew's birthday.  It was great to get to lay out by the pool for a while and then go in and celebrate with pizza and cake!  The Wii game we got him, he already had, but luckily I brought the receipt in case that happened!

After we got back to my Dad's, everyone took a nap while my Dad cooked & I relaxed.  I am not an afternoon napper, so instead I just watched tv & talked to my Dad for a while.  He made my favorite dinner for my birthday and I could not have been happier.  It was delicious!  I told him that I used to love going out to dinner on my birthday's, but now would rather him cook for me!Ha!

Today we woke up extremely early and headed back home.  Eric has to work this afternoon, but once he gets home we're heading to Costco & HEB for some groceries.  Nothing too exciting today, but we will be taking our nightly walk after dinner & after the temps go down!  (It's almost 103 degrees here!! Crazy!)

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