August 25, 2010

I went back to the doctor's today and found out the pain has nothing to do with my kidneys, but with swelling in discs is my vertebrae.  That's why it's causing so much pain when I walk. So, I am on a few meds to help the swelling and pain, and cannot pick anything up or bend over at all.  That means Bella is with her grandparents for another night, which makes me sad.  I miss her terribly and can't wait for her to get home (hopefully tomorrow!).

Friday, I go back for a 3rd time this week to my doctor to see how I am progressing and see if I can be released to go back to work Friday afterwards.  I am hoping so since I know work is piling up on my desk right now.

I know a lot of people were worrying and praying for me all this week, and I just want to say a big THANK YOU! I am hoping the worst is behind me, and everyone's (including my own) prayers were answered!

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