I Tried Something New (For Me at Least!)

August 9, 2010

This weekend was very low key and we loved it! I had a first for me… I ate my 1st hamburger in around 15 years! I know it sounds crazy, but I’m not a fan of red meats, and only have a steak once a month. Eric & Bella wanted to try Mighty Fine by our house, and I knew that hamburgers were the only things on the menu, so I decided to give in and try one. I was actually nervous driving there because I didn’t know how my stomach would take it. I also have no idea how a hamburger tastes anymore, so I didn’t know if I’d even like it. Turns out it was pretty good & I felt just fine afterwards! I told Eric & Bella that this doesn’t mean I will start eating hamburgers all the time, but once in a blue moon will be okay for me.
Just a recap on our weekend, we did some shopping and working out Saturday and then went to Mighty Fine for dinner. Bella did great until we were leaving. She proceeded to throw a huge fit most of the drive home. We didn’t want her screaming at home, so we decided to drive for a while until she calmed down. That took approximately 20 minutes and then she was just exhausted! We went home and hung out the rest of the night. Bella was asleep by 8 p.m.!
Sunday we went to church then got groceries & did our weekly Costco run. Afterwards, we did a deep cleaning on the house (it’s almost sparkling now!) before heading to Eric’s parents house. They have been on vacation for the last week and were looking forward to seeing us and especially Bella. She was so excited to see them, she jumped into her Grandma’s arms when we got there. Afterwards, we all went to dinner before heading home to relax the rest of the evening. It was a great low key weekend and I am grateful we got to rest and relax!

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