In Limbo

August 24, 2010

I haven't posted anything lately because I have been pretty sick.  Last Thursday at work I experienced the worst pain I have ever felt.  I knew by the end of the day that I was passing a kidney stone.  I passed two when I was pregnant with Bella, so I knew the pain.  I drove myself home hoping to pass it before having to head to the ER.  I ended up feeling much better by the time I got home. Eric had left work early to meet me, and I just laid on the recliner the rest of the night.  From Friday-Sunday, I was having waves of pain in my lower back and decided to go to the doctor Monday morning.  All weekend I felt useless because the pain would be so bad I couldn't walk and would get exhausted very quickly.

At the doctor's office, he thought I was passing more kidney stones and sent me to get a CT Scan to see.  The nurse called me back yesterday morning saying the scans came back negative for kidney stones, but the doctor still wanted to see me again since the pain was still continuing.  The problem was he is completely booked until Wednesday afternoon!  By yesterday evening, I was in so much pain I couldn't stand anymore.  I decided it was time to go to the ER to get checked out.  Eric & his mom both met me there for support, which was so sweet of them.  I got tons of blood taken, and an ultrasound.  The doctor then came back saying they couldn't find anything wrong & sent me home.  I was so upset because obviously something is wrong since I am in pain, but no one can figure it out.

So now I am just sitting here trying to get better although I have no idea how to.  I am frustrated and feel like I am in limbo.  I have my follow up doctor's appointment tomorrow, but what else can he do that the ER doctor didn't?!

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