Oh the Joys!

August 17, 2010

After having a wonderful birthday weekend (which we finished off by having dinner at Gloria’s with Eric’s family!), we are now back to the normal hoopla of the week days. It has been well over 100 degrees here for 10 days, and the heat is starting to get to me. I get off work, pick Bella up, get her ready for swim class, cook dinner, and clean the kitchen all by 8 p.m. and am ready to crash by 9! This weekend we are going to a Round Rock Express game for Eric’s work, and I am worried how Bella will endure hours in the hot as lava heat. Of course she will be doused in sunblock & have tons of water to drink, but still this heat is killer and staying in it until the sun goes down isn’t the easiest.
I am so glad we signed Bella up for swim lessons, but am honestly excited for September when we can have our evenings back. We rush so much on Tuesdays & Thursdays to have dinner ready, get her in her swimsuit, get her back out of it when she decides she needs to go potty, and finally end up at the class all within an hour of getting home. Stresses me out every time. The joys of being a working Mommy!

Have a great rest of the week, and think of me when you are sitting in your living room relaxing and reading this, because I definitely won’t be able to do the same! Ha!

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