A Better Day

September 29, 2010

Yesterday was such a hard day for me, but I was glad I got through it with only a few tears & a lot of love. We had the shooter on UT campus, but thank God he only wanted to take his own life and no one else’s. The campus is back to normal today, which makes us such a great community to move forward so quickly!
Yesterday was also my Mom’s birthday. I prayed for her throughout the day and that evening once we were all home together, Eric, Bella, & I lit a candle, placed a picture of her in front of the candle and sang Happy Birthday to Mimi. Bella never got the chance to meet her, but still insists on calling her Mimi. I love it & I know my mom would have too!! It was such a special moment for all of us, and I know my mom was watching and loving it.
Today is a much easier day for me. Bella didn’t cry when I dropped her off at school today like she did yesterday, & I got to take a nice stroll on my lunch break. We have been having the absolute best weather here for the last few days! (Sunny, not a cloud in the sky, & the high’s are in the low 80’s!) I won’t be able to go work out tonight because Eric has meetings after work, so it’s a Mommy & Bella night. We’ll pick something up for dinner & then relax together on the couch while we watch Fresh Beat Band at least 10 times in a row. I couldn’t think of anything more perfect for tonight!
This weekend is the Texas vs. Oklahoma game. We are so ready to cheer our beloved Horns onto victory!! We are meeting some friends at Pluckers to watch the game. The place goes crazy during Horns games, and when they score they blare the fight song over the loud speakers! It’s so much fun and this will make our 4th annual Red River Rivalry game at Pluckers! Going to be a great weekend!! (At least we hope so if the Horns win… if not, well I might not be posting next week!! Haha!)

What A Day...

September 28, 2010

This morning was pretty scary in Austin. A gunman opened fire on the University of Texas campus around 8 a.m. Luckily, no one was injured, but the gunman did turn the gun on himself and take his own life. The campus was on lockdown for around 4 hours because they thought there might be a second gunman. A little after 12 p.m. they lifted the lockdown and let students return home. It worries me when things like this happen in Austin. Austin is such a wonderful place to live and when people open fire or fly their planes into buildings, then it worries & scares our entire community. I am just thankful that no one was hurt or worse!
Today would have also been my Mom’s 64th birthday. Gosh I miss her so much and wish she was here to celebrate with. I have been praying all day for her and will light a candle once I get home. She was such a great Mom to us, and I hope to follow in her footsteps with my daughter. Love you Mom!!

In the Halloween Spirit!

September 27, 2010

We decided to start early this year and get into the Halloween spirit!  I re-decorated my whole blog (for the umpteenth time!), and we started putting the Halloween decorations out in the front yard!  I almost bought a pumpkin, but decided to wait until next week for that.  I did go get some cute purple lights to hang in the doorway to the front of our house!

Bella tried on her Halloween costume for the 1st time last night and it was a wee bit big, but will work perfectly next month!  Now we just have to find some princess shoes and we're set!  My Dad is planning on coming down for Halloween this year to see Bella trick or treat!  She is so excited because Papa hasn't seen her go trick or treating before.  It'll be such a wonderful Halloween for her!

Great Family Weekend & Halloween Costume Reveal!

September 26, 2010

This weekend was so much fun! My sister and I had a wet but fun girl's day out!  We ended up at Uncle Julio's having fajitas & margaritas, then facials, ending back at the restaurant having another margarita!  We ended the evening at Dad's watching the kids play, dancing in the living room, & eating delicious Puerto Rican food!  Yum!!

Bella & Austyn playing

Jumping on the bed!

Finally calming down for a few minutes!

Just like family!

Aren't they adorable?!

Bella in her Halloween Costume!

Bella is going to Belle from Beauty & the Beast!

Home Again!

September 24, 2010

Tonight after work we are packing the car up and heading to my Dad's house for the weekend.  Bella can't be more excited!  This morning we were bringing our suitcases down to get them ready to put into the trunk when I told Bella to grab a few toys her & Austyn can play with and before I knew it, she had grabbed 15 toys and lined them up against the wall in our dining room!  Eric & I were laughing and she started laughing.  It was really funny!!  She also wanted to make sure she had plenty of shorts & her Longhorn shirt to wear for the game tomorrow!  (Gotta sport the Horns shirt on Saturdays!!)

It's going to be such a fun weekend!  Tomorrow, Austyn & Aunt Tanya are coming over for the day.  Tanya & I have a girl's day planned!  We're having lunch & margaritas at Joe T Garcia's, then heading for facials!  While we're gone, Papa, Daddy, Austyn, & Bella are going to hang out at Papa's house watching football & playing in the backyard.  Bella is bringing her bat & baseball so Austyn & she can play!  Once we get back, Papa's cooking dinner for all of us!  Yum!!!  It's always a fun time with my family, and we can't wait to see everyone again!

All About Papa!

September 22, 2010

On Sunday, Eric & I made the mistake of telling Bella we were going to Dallas this weekend to see Papa, Aunt Tanya, & Cousin Austyn.  Bella got so overly excited and that made us happy!  That was until she started asking us every morning right when she woke up, right after I picked her up from school, and then started crying hysterically when she realized we weren't leaving yet.  I even called my Dad Monday & Tuesday to get her to talk to him, but she wouldn't have it.  I can't wait for Friday so we can finally say that we are leaving for Dallas now!!  

Weekend Wrap Up

September 20, 2010

This past weekend was just wonderful!  I will break the greatness down by day…

On Friday evening, I met the girls at Mesa Rosa for dinner and drinks to celebrate Sonia’s new job (Congrats Sonia!).  We had to wait forever and once we got a table, it was so loud, we couldn’t even hear the server helping us.  We felt like we were screaming to talk to each other, but we still managed to have a lot of fun!  I even made it home by 9 p.m. and got to have a nice glass of wine and watch Ghost Adventures with Eric. 

Saturday morning, Eric had to work, so Bella & I went to her sports class at the Y.  This week was soccer (great a sport I suck at!) but we had a lot of fun & Bella did pretty good minus picking up the ball constantly!  Afterwards, she wanted to go into the daycare, so it gave me time to go work out for a bit.  Once we got home and got showered, we relaxed and watched her favorite shows until Daddy got home.  Then we took her to Grandma & Grandpa’s house and proceeded to the Domain for a little anniversary shopping!  We had our anniversary dinner at Kenobi & ordered tons of sushi!  (See last post with all the food!)  After dinner we headed to Cru Wine Bar and had some wine while we relaxed outside on their patio.  The weather was perfect & we just loved it!

Sunday we went to Costco & HEB after breakfast, then came home and cleaned the house.  We met Grandma, Grandpa, Bella, Aunt Sandra, & Uncle Mark at California Pizza Kitchen for Grandma’s birthday dinner.  It was delicious!  We then went back to their house and watched video of their European Cruise Trip & Aunt Sandra & Uncle Mark’s Hawaii trip.  We ended up not getting home until after 10, and promptly put Bella to bed (she was trying so hard not to fall asleep in the car because we had a little “surprise” for her at home, just a new Halloween cup!) and she fell asleep within minutes of going to bed. 

It was such a wonderful  weekend & we loved every minute of it.  This weekend we are heading to Dallas to spend time with my family.  My sister & I will be having lunch at Joe T Garcia’s before going to get facials together while the guys watch the Horns play!  I am super excited to head home and let Bella spend some quality time with Papa, Aunt Tanya, & Cousin Austyn!

Anniversary Pictures!

September 19, 2010

We had such a great evening celebrating our anniversary.  We had sushi, fried cheesecake, & a good amount of wine!  It was a nice relaxing evening just the 2 of us & we loved it!  Enjoy!

Getting ready for our night out!
Roxie wanted in on the pictures!
6 Years of Wedded Bliss!
We ordered tons of sushi!
The Louisiana Roll - YUM!!
We got free dessert for our anniversary... Eric picked Fried Cheesecake!
Eric enjoying a beer at the restaurant
Our Flights of Wine at Cru
Wonderful Night!

6 Wonderful Years!

September 18, 2010

6 years ago today I married my best friend and one of the best man  (next to my Daddy!) that I have ever met.  Eric & I met freshman year of college and have been together ever since.  He's a wonderful husband and a great Dad to Bella.  Happy Anniversary LOVE!

In 2003 in Las Vegas

Our Engagement Picture
The was one of my favorites!
Our Wedding Party
With our ring bearer (Austyn) & flower girl (Skyler)
Cutting our cake!

Ahhh I So Love Quiet Evenings!

September 14, 2010

Last night was a nice quiet evening and no big hoopla like Sunday evening! (Thank goodness!) I made dinner before Eric got home, then after dinner, I went to work out while Eric & Bella played with her new bubbles in the kitchen.  (I bought her a new set of bubbles for being a really good girl at school lately. She’s had an attitude problem lately we’re trying to curb that!  Seems to be working well!!)  After working out, we got Bella bathed and in bed, then relaxed together and watched True Blood finale.  It was a great evening and I am hoping the same goes for tonight!

This weekend we are celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary!  I am so excited and will definitely try to post a anniversary post Saturday afternoon.  I can’t wait to celebrate by going out for sushi & then finish the night at a wine bar in the Domain.  Hopefully, I will remember to take pictures this year!

Not So Quiet!

September 13, 2010

Well this weekend was definitely low key, but no where near as quiet as I thought it would be! Friday night, I met my bestest, Melissa for some queso & Mexican Martini’s at Texican’s. We had such a great time catching up and just having a Mommy’s Night Out. We have to do that more often!
Bella had her 1st sports class at the Y Saturday morning, and since it was the only time I could get in to get my hair done, Daddy ended up taking her. Thank goodness he has video on his phone, because he recorded a bunch of it for me. She loved it! She didn’t want to leave, so after her class she went to the daycare (aka playing outside in the playground with a bunch of kids and people watching them the whole time) while Daddy worked out. I actually got home before they did, and once they got home, we all ate lunch, and they took a nap while I went and worked out. Saturday night, Eric bbq’d pork chops and we watched the Horns beat Wyoming!!! We were so excited!
Sunday, we went to church and did the weekly Costco & HEB run, then went home to relax for the rest of the day. We were wrong. Bella was in a bad mood most of the day, and that evening, our dog, Roxie ended up falling down our stairs right infront of Bella and I. Bella started crying, I started screaming to Eric to check Rox while I calm Bella down, and it was just a mess! Thank God Roxie was just fine & we ended up giving her part of my bbq’d steak we made for dinner since she had such a traumatic experience! (They never eat people food, so it was a treat for them!) Sunday night Bella refused to go to bed at her bed time, so we ended up putting her to bed and closing the door while she cried herself to sleep. I hated hearing her cry, but lately she thinks she can go to bed when she wants and not when it’s bed time and that’s just not happening in our house!

Hopefully, tonight will be much quieter & not such a crazy evening for us. I am going to work out again after work (can you tell I am getting addicted to working out?! SO NOT ME! HA!) and then coming home to relax with Eric and catch up on True Blood & Oprah! Good times ahead!

Quiet Weekend Ahead!

September 10, 2010

This weekend we are staying pretty low key. Tonight we’ll make our weekly trip to Rudy’s for dinner, then I plan on working out at the Y. We signed up a week or so ago, and both Eric & I have been crazy about working out since! I worked out last night, and plan on working out tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday. I will get myself back into shape if it’s the last thing I do! Ha!

Tomorrow night our Beloved Horns play Wyoming. We are hoping for another win, but this is going to be such a hard game, because Wyoming lost a player last week in a car accident, and 3 other players were injured. It’s also Sept. 11th, so it will be a tough game all around. We are praying for those 4 Wyoming players and their parents, we are so sorry for their family’s grief and loss.

Other than the game, we really don’t have anything big or exciting planned. Just going to relax and spend time as a family. Next weekend is Eric & my anniversary, so most of the weekend Bella will be with her grandparents. That makes this weekend that much more special!  We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

To keep all the family happy, here is a picture of my baby girl sporting her new boots! 

My Little Model in the making!

Rain Rain Go Away

September 7, 2010

After such a beautiful weekend, Monday was soggy to say the least. We were planning on swimming, playing in the park, etc. but instead hung out at home dancing in the living room and playing games.

Mommy did get some nice free time and I got to work out and then get a massage!! Eric bought me a gift card to one of my favorite spas for my birthday, and I got to cash it in yesterday for a wonderful hour massage.  I was in heaven!

Today we woke up and found out we are in the middle of a tropical storm!  Seriously, we are at least 4 hours from the Texas Coast, yet all day we have seen 30 mph winds and heavy downpours. I literally drove 20 mph on the highway the whole way home!  Now we are nice and comfy in our pj's watching the Mickey Mouse Club on TV.  I have a question... when did old Mickey go digital?!

Labor Day Weekend Recap

September 6, 2010

This weekend was so much fun.  We did a lot and went everywhere!  Bella had a great time and thank goodness the weather was beautiful and in the low 90's!  I took tons and tons of pictures and posted some of them here, enjoy!

View of Lake Travis from our table

Bella looking out to the lake

Daddy & Bella at the Iguana Grill in Lakeway

Relaxing and waiting for our food
After dinner ready to run around 
There she goes!
On Sunday morning at Old Settler's Park
Bella loves to swing, we couldn't get her off!
Daddy's turn to swing
She stayed on the swings for 30 minutes!
We were having so much fun together!
Finally she went to the playground!
Climbing around the playground
She made a friend while she was there and they went everywhere together!
Last thing before heading home!
At the airport waiting for Aunt Sandra & Uncle Mark
Gotta bring bunny everywhere we go.
Going on the escalators with Daddy!
Sunday night helping Mommy make cookies!
We hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Hook 'Em HORNS!!!

September 2, 2010

Saturday 2:30 p.m. -

We Can't Wait for Another GREAT YEAR!


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