A Better Day

September 29, 2010

Yesterday was such a hard day for me, but I was glad I got through it with only a few tears & a lot of love. We had the shooter on UT campus, but thank God he only wanted to take his own life and no one else’s. The campus is back to normal today, which makes us such a great community to move forward so quickly!
Yesterday was also my Mom’s birthday. I prayed for her throughout the day and that evening once we were all home together, Eric, Bella, & I lit a candle, placed a picture of her in front of the candle and sang Happy Birthday to Mimi. Bella never got the chance to meet her, but still insists on calling her Mimi. I love it & I know my mom would have too!! It was such a special moment for all of us, and I know my mom was watching and loving it.
Today is a much easier day for me. Bella didn’t cry when I dropped her off at school today like she did yesterday, & I got to take a nice stroll on my lunch break. We have been having the absolute best weather here for the last few days! (Sunny, not a cloud in the sky, & the high’s are in the low 80’s!) I won’t be able to go work out tonight because Eric has meetings after work, so it’s a Mommy & Bella night. We’ll pick something up for dinner & then relax together on the couch while we watch Fresh Beat Band at least 10 times in a row. I couldn’t think of anything more perfect for tonight!
This weekend is the Texas vs. Oklahoma game. We are so ready to cheer our beloved Horns onto victory!! We are meeting some friends at Pluckers to watch the game. The place goes crazy during Horns games, and when they score they blare the fight song over the loud speakers! It’s so much fun and this will make our 4th annual Red River Rivalry game at Pluckers! Going to be a great weekend!! (At least we hope so if the Horns win… if not, well I might not be posting next week!! Haha!)

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