Not So Quiet!

September 13, 2010

Well this weekend was definitely low key, but no where near as quiet as I thought it would be! Friday night, I met my bestest, Melissa for some queso & Mexican Martini’s at Texican’s. We had such a great time catching up and just having a Mommy’s Night Out. We have to do that more often!
Bella had her 1st sports class at the Y Saturday morning, and since it was the only time I could get in to get my hair done, Daddy ended up taking her. Thank goodness he has video on his phone, because he recorded a bunch of it for me. She loved it! She didn’t want to leave, so after her class she went to the daycare (aka playing outside in the playground with a bunch of kids and people watching them the whole time) while Daddy worked out. I actually got home before they did, and once they got home, we all ate lunch, and they took a nap while I went and worked out. Saturday night, Eric bbq’d pork chops and we watched the Horns beat Wyoming!!! We were so excited!
Sunday, we went to church and did the weekly Costco & HEB run, then went home to relax for the rest of the day. We were wrong. Bella was in a bad mood most of the day, and that evening, our dog, Roxie ended up falling down our stairs right infront of Bella and I. Bella started crying, I started screaming to Eric to check Rox while I calm Bella down, and it was just a mess! Thank God Roxie was just fine & we ended up giving her part of my bbq’d steak we made for dinner since she had such a traumatic experience! (They never eat people food, so it was a treat for them!) Sunday night Bella refused to go to bed at her bed time, so we ended up putting her to bed and closing the door while she cried herself to sleep. I hated hearing her cry, but lately she thinks she can go to bed when she wants and not when it’s bed time and that’s just not happening in our house!

Hopefully, tonight will be much quieter & not such a crazy evening for us. I am going to work out again after work (can you tell I am getting addicted to working out?! SO NOT ME! HA!) and then coming home to relax with Eric and catch up on True Blood & Oprah! Good times ahead!

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