Halloween is in the Air

October 29, 2010

Last night Bella went to bed without one fuss or cry... that is shocking in our house... why?  Because she was too excited for today!  Her school is so great and go all out for every holiday.  Today all the kids are wearing their costumes for a Halloween Parade & Party!  They get to walk around and see everyone else's costumes, then go back and celebrate with "healthy" treats & juice!  She looked adorable & I actually was able to snap a few pics before we left the house.  (A cold front came in last night & Bella had to wear her coat & hat over her costume, she looked like a mixture of Belle & Mary Poppins!)  So funny and adorable!

She's also excited for Papa to come in tonight!  We're all excited for him to visit again!  It's going to be so much fun for her this weekend and many a picture will be taken!  We hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!  Have fun (& safe) trick or treating!

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I Won!

October 28, 2010

I joined a new blog I found and just happened to win a prize!  Go to Live Ever After to join her blog!  It's a wonderful blog & I am glad I found it.  Good Luck!!

Flu Shots... Done!

October 27, 2010

After making 2 different appointments for flu shots, (the 1st appt I had to cancel due to Bella running a fever within 24 hours) we made it to the doctor's office yesterday evening and all 3 got our flu shots.  Actually, we got Bella the flu mist and she did wonderful!  The nurse who gave them to us was great and able to get Bella to breathe in the entire mist in!  Bella actually said she liked it and couldn't wait to get it next year!  Score!

We’re very pro-flu shots ever since Bella was born.  I’d much rather have a sore arm for a day then have to be in bed for a week nursing the flu.  It’s covered by our insurance, so to me it’s a no brainer.

We’re cleaning the house like crazy all week to get ready for my Dad’s arrival Friday evening.  Bella is uber excited for Papa to come and go Trick or Treating with her Sunday!  We have tons of great plans for the weekend including eating lots of good food, Wurstfest, and taking a lot of pictures of Bella in her costume!  It’s going to be a great weekend, and to top it off, I got Monday off to spend with everyone before my Dad leaves! 

My Blog is Carbon Neutral

October 25, 2010

I got this from my best blogger (and real) friend, Melissa! If you put the button on the right hand side, and do a small blog post about it, they will plant a tree in the Plumas National Forest!  It's a great idea and also great for the Earth.  Please check out how your blog can be Carbon Neutral too!

Halloween Festivities

We had such a wonderful weekend!  Saturday Bella had her 1st gymnastics class (Grandma took pictures, will post as soon as I can get them!) She loved it and can't wait for next week!  We also took her to the annual YMCA Halloween Festival, where we met up with Melissa and her family.  It was so cute and Bella had so much fun!  We went to our Halloween party at Eric's sister's house and had fun catching up with everyone and seeing all the crazy fun costumes!

Sunday, we carved our 1st pumpkin of the year (Texas Longhorn of course!) and put it out last night.  I also roasted pumpkin seeds which we ended up eating all day!

Here are pictures from the festival Saturday!  Enjoy!

Bella doing a curtsy as Belle!

At the Y's Annual Halloween Festival getting her face painted!

I LOVE this little girl!

Painting a pumpkin!

Daddy coming to help!

Bella & Ally at the Festival!  So cute!

Fun Filled Weekend

October 21, 2010

I am really excited for this coming weekend.  Saturday is jammed packed and I love when that happens!

Friday after dinner, I am meeting Melissa for drinks and queso at Texican Cafe.  Once in a while us Mommies get a night away from it all to catch up and have tons of laughs together.  It's such a great time for the 2 of us, and I can't wait!

Saturday morning I am taking Bella to her 1st gymnastics class!  I think I am more excited than she is for the class!! Afterwards, Bella and I are heading to the Halloween store to get some accessories for our Halloween costumes.  Eric is working until noonish, so it's a girl's morning, which I absolutely love! We will also be watching our Beloved Horns play Iowa State and praying for another great win!

Saturday evening, we are dressing Bella up and heading to the YMCA for their annual Halloween party for the kiddos.  They are going to have face painting, trick or treating, etc.  Bella is so excited, but we're trying not to bring it up, because we know if we do, she will ask at least a thousand times when we are going to the party!  After her Halloween party, we are taking her to Grandma's and heading to Eric's sister's house for our Halloween party!  It's a costume party, and we have our costumes ready to go!  It's going to be a great day (at least I hope so!)

Sunday is same old same.  Going to church in the morning, then heading to Costco & HEB for weekly groceries.  My Dad's coming up Halloween weekend, and I am planning on making Big Mama's Mexican Casserole for dinner when he gets here.  That means planning and shopping for everything for next weekend now! 

Have a wonderful weekend!!

It's Finally Time!

October 20, 2010

I was born and raised in Grand Prairie, Texas.  My Dad took me to Rangers games every year, and I would cheer them on, even though they were terrible and lost constantly.  Well finally it’s our time to SHINE!  They are one game away from the World Series!!! It’s historic & even though we now live a few hours away from the stadium, you can still feel the excitement all across Texas!! I am praying for a win today against the Yanks!!! GO RANGERS!!

Weekend Pictures

October 19, 2010

This past weekend was so much fun, (see past posts!) and I finally found the time to upload a few of the pictures from it.  Enjoy!
Aunt Tanya with her babies!

They are my heart!  (Bella & Austyn) 

Bella sporting her Longhorn gear before the game!

The Pumpkin patch at the Church

My little pumpkin!

Dad and his girls at Brent's Wedding

Celebrating my brother getting hitched!

Fredericksburg Pictures!

October 18, 2010

A little over a week ago, we met Melissa & Michael for a weekend getaway in Fredericksburg. We had such a great weekend walking around Main Street, trying different wines, and just getting to have a little time away from reality!  

Eric & I on Main Street in Fredericksburg

Michael's new trophy

Melissa & Michael with the new trophy!

This would be Eric's trophy! Ha!


That wine was great... during the day! Ha!

The bar at the Auslander

At Fredericksburg Brewery

Our bedroom in Fredericksburg

The kitchen in the home

The living room

My favorite part of the house, the back covered patio!

A view of the house we stayed in!

Wedding & Family Weekend

We had such a wonderful weekend back home.  We got to my Dad’s house Friday night and watched the Rangers game, let Bella play, and caught up with my Dad.  Saturday morning, my Dad made a wonderful breakfast for us, then we all headed to the Arlington Highlands to get Bella a new Longhorns t-shirt.  Her one she’s been wearing is getting a wee bit small, and we thought maybe it would turn our luck around and win this huge game for us… IT DID!  The Horns had such a great game and beat the Cornhuskers (in their house!!) 30-23!  We cheered so loud the whole time!  My Dad even got super excited and cheered!  Afterwards, we had dinner at my Dad’s before I went to my sister’s house to meet her & Cindy for a drink in Coppell.  We decided on a restaurant that had a nice patio, but the food, drinks were terrible as was the service.  We ended up leaving after one drink, and I headed home to relax and get ready for Sunday.

Sunday was such a beautiful day!  My big brother got married in Granbury.  It was a beautiful wedding and my whole family was there to support him.  After the wedding & reception, we all headed to lunch at a little Mexican place in Granbury, before we headed back to Austin.  Bella was wonderful throughout the wedding and then danced around the restaurant while we all ate!  (It was empty since our lunch was around 3 p.m.!) We took back roads to get home and was happy since we got to see something other than I35 the whole way!! 

This week Bella has her school pictures on Wednesday & we have her yearly parent-teacher conference on Thursday.  Should be an interesting week!

Last thing- I have not had a chance to upload pictures from our weekend in Fredericksburg or from this past weekend at my brother’s wedding.  Hoping to upload tonight and will post asap! 

My whole family at my brother's wedding!

From Top left: Eric (my hubby), Kristen the bride, Brent the Groom, Papa, Me, Aunt Tanya, Bella, & Cousin Austyn

Feeling Much Better & New Plans!

October 15, 2010

All is happy and healthy in our house finally!  Bella came home last night, and cuddled with me & Daddy all night!  I loved it!  When we went to bed, I laid there holding her while she held her bear & thought, "My life is absolutely perfect right now!"  (I love my life, but perfect doesn't apply all the time! Ha!)

This weekend we decided to have a quick change of plans and am heading up to Dallas tonight to see my Dad.  We are thinking of going tomorrow morning to Bass Pro Shops for a Chili cook-off benefiting fallen firefighter's families.  Something different and nice to do with my Dad, hubby, & Bella!  Afterwards, we'll be cheering on our Beloved Horns to a hopeful victory against Nebraska!  (A girl can dream right?! ) We're not ranked anymore and Nebraska is ranked #5 & we are playing in their home!! Scary!!

Sunday, my brother is getting married!! We're so happy and excited for him, & can't wait to see him get married. 

It's going to be such a great weekend!! Hook 'Em!

Oh No....

October 11, 2010

Well, Mommy has officially caught the virus!  I woke up with a sore throat this morning and came to work, but it seems a fever is starting in on me now as well.  I only have 3 hours left, so I will work until it’s time to go.  (I know I am one of THOSE people!)  My sweet hubby is grocery shopping and getting dinner for us tonight!  A sick baby and a sick wifey is not a good combo!

As an update for Bella, Grandma took her to Dr. B’s this morning and was told the same thing… a virus!  That means no meds prescribed and we just have to keep with the combo of Motrin & Tylenol until she is feeling better.  Geez… He did say if she is still running a fever by Wednesday, to bring her back in for blood work.  I pray she is feeling fine by Wednesday!!  Hopefully, Grandma doesn’t mind watching her until she does get better.  That’s unless I still have a fever tomorrow in which case I will not be bringing my germs into work!

I am not going to blog for a few days until our house is back to normal and everyone is healthy again.  Hope ya’ll have a much better week that it looks like we will be having!

My Poor Bambino

October 10, 2010

On Friday, Bella's school called me saying she wasn't feeling well.  I promptly left work and went to pick her up.  When I got there they were in cooking class and she seemed happy and fine.  I thought, "Great took more time off work for nothing!"  I was very wrong!  We left her school and headed home.  Bella was asleep in the car before we got home and slept most of the afternoon.  I went to check on her and realized she was burning up.  I checked and she had a temp of 102.5!  I immediately got her some Motrin, and it seemed to work pretty quickly.  Then around 4:30 I checked her again and she was at 102.6.  I got on the phone and called the after hours doctor at our clinic.  They told me to bring her right in.  She was tested for strep, flu, and urinary tract infection.  All came back negative and the doctor said it was either a bad cold or a small virus.  Either way, no meds could be prescribed.  For the rest of the night Bella was normal and playing.  When Eric got home, she had 2 servings of bbq & played all night.  The next morning she was warm, but not hot or acting sick.  We took her to Grandma's, because we were having a couples weekend in Fredericksburg.  We left and I must have called to check in at least 10 times all day Saturday.  Eric's mom said she was good, a little warm, but not running high fevers.

We got back today and she has been back and forth.  She does well on Motrin or Tylenol, but right when it wears off, the fever comes right back.  Right now she is watching Barney in her pj's.  Tomorrow, I am calling Dr. B to get her back in to make sure there's nothing else they can find.  Grandma is going to watch her tomorrow all day for us.  (God Bless her!) I am worried but staying calm and praying this goes away quickly, and my baby girl us back to normal!

True Exhaustion

October 7, 2010

Every day this week I have been falling asleep by 8 or 9 pm!  I can't keep my eyes open and feel so exhausted.  I sleep all night without problems, and wake up still exhausted.  Work has been pretty tough this past week, so that has something to do with it too.  I tried to run on my treadmill last night and was too tired to make it. 

I am hoping that with the weekend coming it will help me get back on track.  The weather is just beautiful here (Sunny & Highs in the 80's), but the allergies are killer right now. 

Bella is doing good, having some allergy problems too, but doing okay with them.  She has been very clingy when dropping her off at school, but then seems to be fine once I leave.  Yesterday, she wasn't feeling too great, so Grandma picked her up at school and kept her with them until I got home from work.  She was so excited when they brought her home because she spent the whole day at Grandma's!  Grandma also made her a new winter cap, she looked so adorable!

Pictures of Bella's Big Girl Bike!

October 4, 2010

Bella on her big girl bike for the 1st time!

Don't smile for Mommy! Ha!

Daddy & Bella airing her tires up 

Bella wanted to try on her own to air her tires up!

And we're off!

Daddy making sure she doesn't fall

Up close of my big girl!

Riding her bike all by herself!

Sunday was so much fun for us!  Eric and I walked hand in hand while we watched our baby girl ride her bike.  I always dreamed of this day and now that it's here, I couldn't imagine a better day to teach my girl how to ride a bike.  Just wonderful!!

1st Bike Ride!

October 3, 2010

Ahhh Christmas Shopping...

October 1, 2010

If you know me at all, you know I am a total planner.  I must plan for going out anywhere especially if we're getting a group together.  I also start my Christmas shopping in July.  I know, I know, it's a bit obsessive, but I get little by little for Bella's Christmas gifts and then don't end up spending a few thousand in December and cleaning out our savings!  It works well for us! 
So yesterday at lunch, I ran to Target to get a few more Christmas gifts & had the worst time finding anything for Bella.  I looked around for 40 minutes before deciding on a Toy Story 3 game for her Leapster 2, & one of those balls you sit and bounce on (all princessy!)  So I got home, went to the guest room and grabbed everything I had bought so far.  She has gotten 6 movies (Toy Story 2, Princess & the Frog, Ratatoullie, etc.) plus 5 toys.  I had bought her a pair of jeans on sale and then read the tag that said capris!  So I took the tags off and put them in her drawer to wear now.  I would have been so upset if she had opened them & couldn't wear them! 
Her big present is going to be a Power Wheels Barbie Mustang!  She rode one once at Auntie Melissa's house and just loved it, so we thought it would be perfect.  That will be purchased in the next few weeks! 
This is all I will post about Christmas for the next month or so! 

Tomorrow UT plays OU, and we will be with a bunch of friends cheering the Horns onto a HUGE victory!! (At least we hope so!) It's going to be a great weekend & hopefully the Horns will beat the Sooners again!!  Hook 'Em! \\m//
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