Ahhh Christmas Shopping...

October 1, 2010

If you know me at all, you know I am a total planner.  I must plan for going out anywhere especially if we're getting a group together.  I also start my Christmas shopping in July.  I know, I know, it's a bit obsessive, but I get little by little for Bella's Christmas gifts and then don't end up spending a few thousand in December and cleaning out our savings!  It works well for us! 
So yesterday at lunch, I ran to Target to get a few more Christmas gifts & had the worst time finding anything for Bella.  I looked around for 40 minutes before deciding on a Toy Story 3 game for her Leapster 2, & one of those balls you sit and bounce on (all princessy!)  So I got home, went to the guest room and grabbed everything I had bought so far.  She has gotten 6 movies (Toy Story 2, Princess & the Frog, Ratatoullie, etc.) plus 5 toys.  I had bought her a pair of jeans on sale and then read the tag that said capris!  So I took the tags off and put them in her drawer to wear now.  I would have been so upset if she had opened them & couldn't wear them! 
Her big present is going to be a Power Wheels Barbie Mustang!  She rode one once at Auntie Melissa's house and just loved it, so we thought it would be perfect.  That will be purchased in the next few weeks! 
This is all I will post about Christmas for the next month or so! 

Tomorrow UT plays OU, and we will be with a bunch of friends cheering the Horns onto a HUGE victory!! (At least we hope so!) It's going to be a great weekend & hopefully the Horns will beat the Sooners again!!  Hook 'Em! \\m//

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