Feeling Much Better & New Plans!

October 15, 2010

All is happy and healthy in our house finally!  Bella came home last night, and cuddled with me & Daddy all night!  I loved it!  When we went to bed, I laid there holding her while she held her bear & thought, "My life is absolutely perfect right now!"  (I love my life, but perfect doesn't apply all the time! Ha!)

This weekend we decided to have a quick change of plans and am heading up to Dallas tonight to see my Dad.  We are thinking of going tomorrow morning to Bass Pro Shops for a Chili cook-off benefiting fallen firefighter's families.  Something different and nice to do with my Dad, hubby, & Bella!  Afterwards, we'll be cheering on our Beloved Horns to a hopeful victory against Nebraska!  (A girl can dream right?! ) We're not ranked anymore and Nebraska is ranked #5 & we are playing in their home!! Scary!!

Sunday, my brother is getting married!! We're so happy and excited for him, & can't wait to see him get married. 

It's going to be such a great weekend!! Hook 'Em!

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  1. I know what you mean about those "perfect moments". In fact my blog post you commented on (thanks!) was about one of them. Sounds like you have a big weekend planned. We're in Dallas, btw. Have a great one!

    --Michael(aka: adaddyblog.com)


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