Fun Filled Weekend

October 21, 2010

I am really excited for this coming weekend.  Saturday is jammed packed and I love when that happens!

Friday after dinner, I am meeting Melissa for drinks and queso at Texican Cafe.  Once in a while us Mommies get a night away from it all to catch up and have tons of laughs together.  It's such a great time for the 2 of us, and I can't wait!

Saturday morning I am taking Bella to her 1st gymnastics class!  I think I am more excited than she is for the class!! Afterwards, Bella and I are heading to the Halloween store to get some accessories for our Halloween costumes.  Eric is working until noonish, so it's a girl's morning, which I absolutely love! We will also be watching our Beloved Horns play Iowa State and praying for another great win!

Saturday evening, we are dressing Bella up and heading to the YMCA for their annual Halloween party for the kiddos.  They are going to have face painting, trick or treating, etc.  Bella is so excited, but we're trying not to bring it up, because we know if we do, she will ask at least a thousand times when we are going to the party!  After her Halloween party, we are taking her to Grandma's and heading to Eric's sister's house for our Halloween party!  It's a costume party, and we have our costumes ready to go!  It's going to be a great day (at least I hope so!)

Sunday is same old same.  Going to church in the morning, then heading to Costco & HEB for weekly groceries.  My Dad's coming up Halloween weekend, and I am planning on making Big Mama's Mexican Casserole for dinner when he gets here.  That means planning and shopping for everything for next weekend now! 

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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