Oh No....

October 11, 2010

Well, Mommy has officially caught the virus!  I woke up with a sore throat this morning and came to work, but it seems a fever is starting in on me now as well.  I only have 3 hours left, so I will work until it’s time to go.  (I know I am one of THOSE people!)  My sweet hubby is grocery shopping and getting dinner for us tonight!  A sick baby and a sick wifey is not a good combo!

As an update for Bella, Grandma took her to Dr. B’s this morning and was told the same thing… a virus!  That means no meds prescribed and we just have to keep with the combo of Motrin & Tylenol until she is feeling better.  Geez… He did say if she is still running a fever by Wednesday, to bring her back in for blood work.  I pray she is feeling fine by Wednesday!!  Hopefully, Grandma doesn’t mind watching her until she does get better.  That’s unless I still have a fever tomorrow in which case I will not be bringing my germs into work!

I am not going to blog for a few days until our house is back to normal and everyone is healthy again.  Hope ya’ll have a much better week that it looks like we will be having!

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