And the Stockings Were Hung By the Chimney with Care

November 28, 2010

First let me follow up on Bella.  She is actually doing better. She had only one accident today and when she did she came up to tell me she didn't make it to the potty in time.  I gave her a big hug and told her not to worry, everyone has accidents & I was proud of her for letting me know. I could tell she was nervous telling me, so afterwards we sat down and I told her not to worry, that it's okay to have accidents as long as she is trying.

Today we put out all the Christmas lights on the house.  We had put the indoor decorations up last weekend so the house would be cheery for Thanksgiving.  Everyone commented how beautiful everything looked which made me very happy!  Now the outside also looks wonderful!  The funny thing is that all the houses around us also put up their lights and everyone has the white lights up instead of the multi-colored lights!  Looks like we were trying to match! Ha!

After we put the lights up, Eric & Bella went to fly her Superman kite at the park while I cooked dinner.  She didn't get her afternoon nap & I could tell she was exhausted by the time we got her into her bath.  Within 5 minutes of getting bathed, she was sound asleep on the couch. (Around 6 p.m.!) She's now in her bed sound asleep & Eric and I are relaxing and catching up on our TV shows!

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