Fun Times on a Friday

November 5, 2010

Today was a wonderful day, even with work! Ha! 

Eric got to go see Bella's Pow Wow at her school.  She decided her Native American name was "Sly Fox" which suites her PERFECTLY!! They got to make headbands & noise makers and walk around while the parents took pictures and video.  Eric loved getting to see her and her classmates celebrate the Pow Wow.

At lunch my loving Hubby met me and took me to my favorite Mexican Restaurant, Maudie's!  We sat on the patio and enjoyed the 72 degree weather while we got to catch up & discuss our Thanksgiving & Christmas plans and ideas.  We never get to meet for lunch since he works downtown and I work in Lakeway, so lunch was great!

Tonight we had our weekly Rudy's dinner, and now are relaxing watching our shows and playing with Bella in front of a nice fireplace.  I'm loving my Friday!!

Here's the video from Bella's Pow Wow parade.  She's the beautiful girl in white & green waving to her Daddy whose behind the IPhone camera!


  1. Following you from Tammy's Two Cents. Can you do the same?
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    Thanks! :)

  2. Love your blog! Your have such a beautiful family! :)


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