Quick Scare with Rox

November 3, 2010

This morning we had a minor scare with our girl pup, Roxie.  (Also called Rox by her family!) She’s our 6 year old Pug and we just adore her and her brother Tug (10 year old pug! Do you see a theme here?!) We took both of them in for their yearly check up and she was having trouble going potty and has been going a lot lately.  At the vet, she went potty and it was orange colored.  Eric got worried and told the vet.  He then called me who started worrying.  Thank goodness we just got the phone call saying she has a bladder infection and it’s nothing serious.  Just some antibiotics and she should be fine.  I felt so relieved! 

This week has been pretty low key for us, Eric is off work all week, & I’m working but taking advantage of a stay at home hubby!  He’s been helping cook & clean all week!  Woo-Hoo!  Bella’s been very clingy this week for no real reason, but I think she is trying to butter us up to stay up later than bed time!  It seems to be working like a charm!  Have a great Wednesday! 

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  1. thanks for stopping by! i am your newest follower! glad to hear your roxie is okay!! looks like you had a great halloween!!


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