Weekend Wrap Up

November 8, 2010

This weekend we had so much fun!  Saturday Bella had her gymnastics class & this time, Daddy was able to come & watch!  It was a little disorganized & hectic, but she did well.  We are actually starting to look at different Gymnastic clubs to sign her up for a Saturday morning class there instead!  (I was a gymnast, so I am hoping she loves it as much as I do!)  Saturday afternoon we headed to The Ranch for Ally's 1st birthday party.  Melissa & Michael went all out for it and had a bouncy house & a pinata for the kids!  Bella just loved every second of it, & Ally was absolutely adorable! (I'll let Mel post all the great and fun pics!)

Sunday, Eric & I went to Race for the Cure. It was absolutely amazing!  Over 19,000 people participated & we are both so proud to be part of it! 

Afterwards, we did our normal grocery shopping & had fun watching football & cooking dinner.  Overall a great, fun, & relaxing weekend!


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