Christmas Show!

December 10, 2010

Bella had her annual Christmas show at her school last night and we had so much fun!  She was super anxious to go and we still had an hour and a half left, so we called Grandma & Grandpa and met them at a restaurant beforehand, then they came with us to the show. 

We got to her school at 7:15 p.m. and it was packed!  Tons of cute kiddos with their Christmas gear on.  (Bella actually was a little under dressed in her white sweater dress, red leggings, & brown boots!  She's not into the huge Christmas dresses yet! She still looked adorable as always!) They got to play with their friends, show us all what she's made lately, and then they sang 3 songs with both classes!  They were wonderful!! Bella was her normal shy self, but seemed to like being in front of an audience after a minute or so. 

We also got to look at her letter to Santa they made at school and she asked for only 1 thing... a pink tractor!! All the other girls asked for dolls or girly things... not my Bella... a pink tractor!  Too funny and so Belle!

After they finished singing we all went to the 50's diner at the back of the school for juice & cookies.  Overall it was a wonderful night & Bella did great!  I will be posting pictures & video tonight once I get them uploaded! 

Have a great weekend!  We're heading to downtown Round Rock tonight for a Christmas celebration complete with the Children giving to Children parade & giving Santa Bella's Christmas list!  Too much fun ahead!

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  1. That is so cute!! Looking forward to seeing the video! And that is so funny about the tractor thing! But hey, she asked for a pink one so that's kinda girly, lol! We got yall's Christmas card yesterday, LOVE it! Such a great family picture =) Merry Christmas to the Munoz family!


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