Christmas Time Is Here!

December 12, 2010

This weekend was completely Christmas oriented, & Bella just loved it!  I'll break it down by the day!

Friday night: After dinner we headed to downtown Round Rock (about a 2 minute drive from our home!) to see the lighting of the streets.  There were TONS of people there and we aren't big on huge crowds with Bella.  So we walked around for a bit, got her a glow light stick thing, got a cookie from Mrs. Claus, then headed to get ice cream before going home.  It was such a fun experience overall though!

Bella sporting her new winter hat!  Ready to go!

Bella & Mrs. Claus!  So cute!

Enjoying her new light stick!

Since the lines for face painting were long, we came home and painted her face for her, she LOVED it!!

Saturday night: We went to the Domain to walk around and meet Santa.  It was a quick meeting, but afterwards the Domain had a wonderful fireworks show!  The cold front had just come in, so we headed quickly home after the fireworks.  Eric & I actually got to watch a movie at home!  (Been months since we've seen any movies!)

Bella with Santa, I only got 1 picture and her eyes were closed!

Sunday: We went to church in the morning, then did a few errands. Afterwards, Bella took a nap before we went to see Santa one last time!  

Bella with Santa #2 (she didn't notice!)
She told him the only thing she wants is a big tractor!! She never forgets!
Overall, such a fun family weekend!  Makes me super excited for Christmas to get here!


  1. Looks like Bella had a great weekend with Santa! it is so fun to watch them get so excited :)

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  2. i love your santa pic! my daughter screams whenever he comes around...tehy did a trip to santa's village at her daycare center and the teacher had to cuddle her after santa yelled "HO HO HO" and scared her! :( Love the blog- i am a happy member of a 3 family aswell!



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