Weekend Wrap Up

December 20, 2010

Let me start at the beginning, Friday night... after dinner we decided to take it easy, and watched TV all night.  Bella actually got sleepy and was out by 8:30 p.m. on her own!  That's exciting!!
Saturday we took Bella to Grandma & Grandpa's house in the morning, then headed to finish any and everything Christmas.  We found an awesome tractor Bella can ride on & got it as the last present via Santa!  She's going to go crazy when she opens it!  (Which by the way was by far the worst present I've ever had to wrap!!)  Afterwards, we went and got sushi for lunch and was planning on just walking around, but the crowds were hideous so we came straight back home.  Saturday night we went to the Draft House and watched Tron in 3D.  It was our 1st 3D movie, and it was actually pretty good!  I'm totally not a Sci-fi person, but overall great movie and good effects. 

Sunday we just did the normal cleaning & grocery shopping.  I cannot believe Christmas is 5 days away!! I am so excited and so is Bella!!  Now I have to go to World Market at lunch to get her teachers their Christmas presents.  I always get her teachers a nice ornament each for Christmas. Have a great week!!

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