February 18, 2011

Today is officially my last day at my job, and Monday I start my new job!  It's with the same company, thank goodness!  It's in a totally different location and the best hours!  I will be getting off work at 3:30 p.m. everyday, which mean I'll actually have time to do things after work!  I've been looking at joining a gym close to Bella's school so I can go take a Zumba or Body Pump class, then get her right after and head home.  We'll see if that ends up working out or not.  Ha! 

Tonight is our weekly "Family Movie Night" and undoubtedly, we will end up watching Toy Story 2 for the 3rd week in a row, even though it now skips whole scenes since she's about killed the poor DVD! 

This weekend we are running errands like a mad family.  We'll be getting a king sized bed next month and need to find a new sheet and comforter set. This is no easy task seeing as how I am obsessed with linens and the way our bed looks!  We'll be heading all over Austin in search of the perfect linens! 

Sunday we are heading to church, then coming home and doing a huge cleaning on our house.  It's really not, but I keep feeling like it's filthy, so we are taking all day to clean the entire house up and make it sparkle! 

Have a great weekend ya'll!


  1. Awesome! Congrats and good luck for the new job!
    Happy weekend! xxx

  2. That is sooo exciting. Congratulations ;)

    I'm following from the hop.


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