Exuviance Rejuvenating Masque Review

February 18, 2011

I love any type of beauty treatments, especially for my face and skin.  That's why I was so excited to do a review for Exuviance Rejuvenating Masque.  It contains Alpha and Polyhydroxy Acids offer anti-aging benefits to decrease lines and wrinkles and plump the skin in a powerful peel off. 

It was also name Instyle's Best Beauty Buy

Here's some of the things this masque will do for your skin:
Mandelic Acid and Gluconolactone help reduce the look of wrinkles

Stimulates cell renewal

Vitamins A and E and a Pro Vitamin B Complex moisturize

Antioxidant Pro-Vitamin C helps to defend against free radicals

Here's my thoughts after using it a few nights ago:  When I 1st put it on, I had just washed my face and neck, so it stung a little while I put it on.  Nothing harsh, but because my pores were open, it did have a stinging sensation.  After putting it on, I waited 15 minutes to peel it off.  Once I went back to peel it off, it was pretty easy to come back off.  I was able to peel most of it off, and the part around my hair line and neck that were harder to get off, rinsed off easily with a little warm water. 

Right after it wasoff, my face felt thoroughly cleansed and looked smoother.  The next morning I looked in the mirror and my skin actually looked much smoother.  I was so excited!  My makeup even looked better on!  I am a definite believer in Exuviance Rejuvenating Masque!! I plan on using it twice a week to help my pores look better and keep my skin looking brighter and smoother.
Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to review Exuviance Rejuvenating Masque by Noestrata. I was given the product in order to review it.  I was not compensated in any way to give a positive or favorable review.  All opinions expressed are that of My Munoz Family!

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