Putting Myself First

February 24, 2011

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If you read my blog, you know I am a wife, mother of a beautiful 4 year old daughter, and I also work full time outside the home.  As much as I would LOVE to be a SAHM, I thoroughly enjoy working and helping bring part of our family income in.  The only downfall that comes along with my happiness and craziness, is making time for myself.  I am a firm believer in taking a little time out for myself everyday to relax, unwind, and enjoy my life.  I also use that time to reflect on the day or week I've had, and to think of the newest things I heard Bella learn and say.  It makes me laugh out loud to hear the way she talks and dances around our house!

I always put my family first no matter what, but that being said, I feel the need to also put myself first when possible.  Usually, Eric puts Bella to bed.  He works so much & that time ends up being "their time", which allows me at least 30-45 minutes of ME TIME!  I will either take a long bath, get onto the computer (and Blog!!), or catch up on my favorite shows.  I am a HUGE Grey's Anatomy, Vampire Diaries (yes I know this is for teens, but it's my FAVORITE!), and Ghost Adventures fan, so sometimes I catch up on them and just unwind from the day. My other favorite thing to do is read.  It truly relaxes me and lets my mind drift away from everything.

I truly feel that if you are a wife and (or) Momma, that you deserve a little "me" time every day.  Even though it sounds tough, just find 30 minutes to sit at your favorite chair & watch your favorite show, type a blog post about your day, or open a good book, and just relax. It really will make your life better, and it personally helps me be a better Momma & Wife.

We can't always have this, but time by ourselves can be just as good!

A few tips I have to help is to:

1) Tell your husband you need to take a break.  If you're a single Momma, take this time once your kids go to bed.

2) Grab a book or download a book you've been wanting to read to your Kindle, IPad or IPhone.  They literally take less than a minute to download and then are right at your fingertips.

3) If you're a movie or TV person like me, pick your favorite show and just get on the couch or recliner and watch it!

4) Remember that even though you are a Momma & Wife, you are still a women!  You need your time to yourself!  It really will make your life so much better.

5) Enjoy your "me" time!

If you have any tips or ideas for relaxing, please leave a comment!  I am always excited to hear other people's ideas to help me be a better wife and mom!

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  1. Wise words! I work full time outside the home too and my hubby works at night. So I work all day and the second I get home its all about dinner, baths, and bed. I try to carve out some me time by getting up really early to work out while the family is sleeping and a little after they are in bed. Whether its blogging, tweeting, reading a magazine, or book - just anything to decompress and not fulfilling anyone's need for food, drink, TV show, or butt wiping! LOL

  2. My favorite way to relax is in a hot bath with a stack of Potterybarn magazines :)


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