Valentine's Day Wrap Up

February 16, 2011

I completely forgot to post about our Valentine's Day!  (I've been working on reviews & giveaways coming soon!!)  Here's a wrap up of our wonderful day!

The Friday before Valentine's Day I came home and saw a huge box outside our front door.  It had my name on it, so I went to open it, and when I did there was a gift box from Bloomingdale's (LOVE that Store!!) and a card.  I knew it had to be part of my Valentine's Day gift, so I left it unopened until Eric got home from work.  When he saw it he asked why I didn't open it, and we laughed because I thought I was supposed to wait for Valentine's Day! 

The beautiful box ended up being a being a new georgeous Tory Burch Tote! It's all black and adorable!  I love it!!


Monday, Eric got a card in the mail from Bella & I, it had pictures of us & he just adored it.  Bella kept going around saying "Happy Valentine's Day!!" to us & giving us kisses as her Valentine gift.  It was perfect!  We both had to work, and right after lunch, he walked into my office with a dozen red roses!  I was so shocked and started to tear up.  He rarely surprises me, and this was over the top awesome!

They are Beautiful!
After work Monday night, I went home and made a big dinner for the 3 of us.  We honestly just relaxed, watched tv, and had a nice quiet evening at home.  It was a wonderful Valentine's Day & one I'll never forget!

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