Weekend Wrap Up

February 7, 2011

This weekend we stayed indoors mostly. Friday it snowed here (a whole 2" for the RR area! Ha!) We stayed in and played in the snow all day Friday, then Saturday it started to warm up & melt away.  Bella & I decided we needed to get out, so we went to Target and then Old Navy!  Bella even made a "friend" while I was checking out! 

After Eric got home from work Saturday, we met up with his parents for a celebrational dinner for me!  (I got a new job within my existing company!  I am super excited!)  Afterwards, they asked if Bella could stay with them for the night, so Eric & I picked up some vino and headed home to watch the Horns play!
Sunday, Eric had to work again, so we headed to the mall since it was such a beautiful day!  We played in the kid's area, then went sunglasses shopping at Forever 21!  I was planning on trying on some new clothes, but due to the snow, they had frozen pipes that ended up breaking all over their dressing rooms!  So we stuck to sunglasses and necklaces! Ha!  Afterwards, we hung out until Daddy came home, then we all bbq'd and watched the Super Bowl.  It was such a nice quiet weekend, which was needed!  Happy Monday!

Bella as a butterfly! 

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