Weekend Wrap Up

February 14, 2011

This weekend was great!  We had a little bit of traveling, but it was well worth it!  Friday, we hit the road for Dallas around 3 p.m.  We never once hit traffic even in Big D thanks to our GPS!  We got to Dad's and he had already made one of my favorite dishes for dinner!  Chick and Rice!  It was delicious.  We ended up eating and watching Ghost Adventures till we all fell asleep. 

Saturday was just beautiful outside, so we headed to the market for seafood.  Afterwards, we ran some errands, then came back home to relax and let Bella take a nap.  My sister and nephew came over and we all had homemade Paella for dinner that my Dad once again cooked!  It was the best Paella I have ever had!  We ended up eating too much food, listening to music, talking about old times, all over some nice glasses of wine. 

Sunday we packed up to head home, and decided to go to breakfast since my Dad had been cooking so much all weekend!  We then headed back and Bella & Mama went grocery shopping while Eric washed and cleaned our car.  It seriously looks brand new!  Love it when that happens! Ha! 

We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! Valentine's post to come with pictures!

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