Weekend Wrap Up

February 21, 2011

So Friday night we had family movie night and Bella decided to watch the Peanuts shows.  It was a lot of fun because Eric & I remember watching them when we were her age. 

Saturday we ran way too many errands, never found any bedding we liked, and ended up eating dinner at Garcia's Cafe.  We had seen it before, but never actually ventured to try it until that night!  It was pretty good and the margaritas we delicious!  Afterwards, we came home and relaxed by catching up on our shows. 

Sunday was supposed to be cleaning day, but that didn't end up happening!  We went to church & Bella got to go to the big kid's class since she is now 4.  She just loved it!  Afterwards, we got groceries and were keeping our eyes peeled on Eric's phone watching his sister & brother-in-law run the Austin Marathon!  26.2 miles seems a little crazy to me, but they had been training for it for almost a year.  We decided to meet his parents downtown and watch them race a little bit.  We ended up spending 4 hours total driving all over downtown Austin trying to find them and see them race a bit.  We never actually saw them racing, but ended up meeting them at the finish line.  We're so proud of them though and excited they both finished hand in hand crossing the finish line together!

Afterwards. we were so exhausted, we ended up coming home and falling asleep!  Overall it was a nice weekend, luckily another great low key one!


  1. Awesome that they finished hand in hand!! Too Cute!! Tell them congrats : )

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