Exhaustion is Setting In

March 8, 2011

I am thoroughly exhausted this morning due to Bella having a coughing fit all night long.  My poor baby didn't sleep well either, and toss & turned all night long.  Allergies are terrible here this time of the year & everyone is busy sneezing & coughing all the time. Blah!

Yesterday evening was so much fun!  I picked Bella up from school & came home to surprise her with a recording of The Imgaination Movers Live in Concert.  (We weren't able to see them when they came to Austin, so this was the next best thing)  We watched it together twice in a row before Daddy got home.  I made some pizza for dinner, and the 3 of us relaxed and watched "The Girls Tell All" on the Bachelor. 

Tonight, we are meeting up with Eric's parents for dinner to celebrate Eric's promotion at work!  Nice to get out for a bit. 

Austin is crazy right now with Fat Tuesday, SXSW Music Festival, Austin Rodeo (Which we'll be taking Bella to again this year!), etc.  Traffic is terrible & all the restaurants will be packed all weekend, but we love it! 

Happy Fat Tuesday to everyone!

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  1. Exhaustion. I can totally relate. Hopefully you can get a nap in today before tonight. Stop by my blog post 7 Facts. I bestowed the 7 Facts and Stylish Blogger Award on you.


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