Oh Rodeo!

March 24, 2011

Love my Bella!
I am finally getting to put the pictures up!  So here's the rundown at the rodeo. 

Let me start by saying for some odd reason, in the last month, Bella has had an irrational fear of any and all bugs.  I don't just mean a little scared, but she will literally put her hands over her head and scream at the top of her lungs if she even sees an ant crawl across the floor!  This makes for a very hard time to take her to a place filled with animals & bugs!  But we tried anyway...
We got to the rodeo right after it opened to beat the crowds.  The weather was perfect (around 65 degrees or so!)  We first went to look at all the new cars coming out this year, and Momma found one she loves! Ha!  Afterwards, we went to the petting zoo area, and Bella got to ride on a pony for the umpteenth time.  She didn't even need us to walk beside her the whole time, so I took pictures while Daddy took video. 

Bella in her cowgirl outfit heading to the rodeo!

Riding the pony

Look at the smile!

We then tried to go to the petting zoo area, and Bella was having none of it.  So we left that area and went over to the carnival area where Bella got to ride tons and tons of different rides!  She was in Heaven! 

On the Flinstone's Ride

Zoom Zoom!


After all the rides were rode, we sat down for lunch and had one of the best carnival/rodeo foods out there... turkey legs & Frito Pie!  I was feeling extremely bad by the end of it, so we packed back into the car to head home.  Overall, it was a fun day, and hopefully next year I won't feel like crawling under a rock when we're done! 

Riding on her Big Green Tractor

We love John Deers & I love these two!

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