Update on My Munoz Family

March 4, 2011

There's been so much happening around our casa lately, I haven't had much time to blog.  Sorry for putting it off for a while, but I thought catching everyone up on our "going on's" would be a neato idea!

We're planning a trip to New York City this summer.  My Grandma is turning 85 & my family is having a family reunion!  We're uber excited to go, because Eric's only been to NYC once, and Bella's never been (unless you count being in my tummy last time I went!).  A lot of my family has never met or seen Bella, so I can't wait for her to meet her huge family!  Cousins, Great Aunts & Uncles, etc.  We'll also going to the Sesame Place Theme Park in Pennsylvania!  (This will obviously be Bella's favorite thing while on vacay!)  We'll be closing the week out with a picnic at the beach with the whole fam. 

Another great thing is that I started my new job last week and absolutely LOVE it!! The people are unbelievably awesome, the hours are fantastic, and I am finally stress free at work!  Who can ask for more?! 

Last thing is that we've decided to put Bella in the Excelled Classes at her daycare.  Technically starting in August she will be in Kindergarten (at the age of 4).  We're going to try her in the excelled program and see how she does.  The great thing is that we have the option to move her back to her old class if we think it's not working for her.  I am so excited and nervous!  I am just so proud her school thinks she is ready and needs to go into an excelled program!  Go Bella Belle!!

And thus everyone is updated on the going on's of our familia!  (I know you've been on edge not knowing! Ha!!)  Have a wonderful weekend!

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