Royal Wedding Talk

April 28, 2011

I can't say I am super excited for the upcoming nuptials of Kate & Prince William, but I am glad that I get to watch them with all my girls tomorrow night.  Melissa is DVRing the entire thing so we can all sit down and watch what a British $6+ million dollar wedding looks like.  Cause Heaven knows none of us will ever get close to that in real life! 

We've started a monthly girl's night out at each other's houses.  We're going to watch a chick flick, eat totally badly, & drink wine all while quoting our favorite lines from the movie & generally talking about everything under the sun.  It's going to be fabulous!

I would like to send prayers out to everyone affected by the horrible tornadoes yesterday.  Everyone in the South, especially in Alabama & Mississippi are in my thoughts and prayers! 


  1. I am obnoxiously excited to and I have no idea why!!! lol just sort of came over me all of a sudden! heehee!

  2. Looking forward to tomorrow nite : )
    I gave you a blog award comy by and pick it up!!


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