Strawberry Pickin'

April 5, 2011

I've said this a few times on my blog, but Bella's daycare (aka school) is absolutely awesome!  Now that her whole class is 4, they get to go on field trips.  They've gone to a chocolate factory, science museum where they built and played with robots, to the movies, etc.  They usually center around whatever the main focus is for that month so the kids have a hand's on knowledge of what they are learning. 

Today they are going strawberry picking!  They are going to Sweetberry Farms in Marble Falls to pick strawberries, eat their sacked lunch & the "fruits" of their labor.  (Yeah, I liked the pun haha!)

Bella was unbelievably excited to go, and even more to bring her 1st sack lunch to school.  She even helped me make her sandwich, decided on an apple & peaches, and picked her box juice to pack last night.  It was an exciting evening and I am guessing she is on a wonderful adventure today!


  1. I bet she'll have tons of stories to tell tonight. I always love listening to my kids tell of their field trip adventures.

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