Weekend Wrap Up

May 1, 2011

We had an unbelievable amount of fun Friday night at girl's night in!  We all brought our favorite wines & foods, and ended up talking the whole time and skipping the movie & royal wedding! Ha!  Our great hostess, Melissa, had gifts for each girl, & we all just laughed and chatted for 5 1/2 hours straight!  Such a great night!

My SIL, Sandra & I

Me, Sonia, Melissa, & Monica

My Favorite Girls!
Sonia, Me, Melissa, Lisa, Sandra, & Amanda

Saturday morning I picked Bella up 1st thing & we did a quick shopping run to Old Navy before taking her to swim class. I had remembered her swimsuit, but completely forgot a towel, so we grabbed one of my work t-shirts I had in my car & made do with that.  It was pretty funny to see her wrapped in a huge shirt and soaking wet!  We both laughed for a while.  Once Daddy got home from work, we had lunch at Rudy's before going to Costco & grocery shopping.  We ended the evening outside playing while Eric grilled  some asparagus & chicken.  It was delicious!  We did get a movie in before hitting the bed.  

Sunday, we went to church where the entire service was Q & A for our pastors John, Ted, & Rick.  It was a great service and actually answered quite a good bit of questions!  We came home to clean the house & Eric mowed the yard, then met his parents for dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  Yum!  The cold front came in this evening and our temps went from 95 to 59!!  Brrr! Ha!  

Have a great week!

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