June 30, 2011

It's a big day at My Munoz Family Blog! (That sounds like I have a team working on this blog, but no, it's just me!) We've officially reached 300 followers! Woo-Hoo!! I am beyond excited & humbled that people want to read about our little family & what happens in our lives!! Thank you all for following, I am so happy!

In other news, I stayed home from work yesterday because Bella was up all night with a fever & sore throat.  No one in our house got any sleep Wednesday night, but Eric made it to work while I stayed home and took care of my sick baby.  She didn't really eat anything at all until dinner.  I even made pancakes for breakfast & grabbed McDonald's for lunch, but she didn't eat any at all!  Bella is my human garbage disposal, so when she's not eating something is definitely wrong! By the time Eric got home from work, she was starting to feel better.  Grandma had mentioned that she might have swimmer's ear since she is constantly in the water, so Eric brought some OTC medicine & we gave it to her.  Seemed to do the trick! She was able to eat some mashed potatoes for dinner & ice cream for dessert. Here fever broke overnight & this morning we dropped her off at Grandma's so I could go back to work.  So far no fever and doing well! Let's hope it lasts. 
My sick Baby is still all smiles!

Tomorrow is Bella's 4th of July parade at school, so she really wants to make it to that.  Eric is taking off of work to go see her for it! I'll be watching the video from his IPhone once he gets home tomorrow night!

Tomorrow night is also our monthly Girl's Night In! It's at my house this month, and hopefully "Pretty Woman" will make it to my mailbox in time as well!  Incase you are wondering, there's a group of 7 or 8 women that get together once a month at someone's house and we watch a girly movie.  We all bring a side dish & our favorite bottle of wine.  We usually end up not actually watching the movie, but chatting & laughing the whole time instead!  It's a great night with the girls & I am excited it's at my house this time!

We hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July Weekend! It's overly hot here & extremely dry so there are no fireworks in the Central Texas area. So, we're celebrating at Sandra & Mark's house Sunday night with swimming, bbq, and sangria! Should be tons of fun with Eric's family!


  1. Congrats on 300! I'll be your next one! Hope baby is feeling better by now...she is so adorable...

  2. Well I tried to Follow but, even though I waited a long time, your Followers won't load! Thought you would want to know. Sorry :(

  3. Congrats! and thank you fro stopping by my blog!
    I am your newest follower!


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