Rain Rain Come Again ASAP

June 16, 2011

I absolutely LOVE living in Texas and know that when the Summer season comes around, it's going to be hot & dry.  Usually by August we're in the 100's & that it's super hot.  Well, we've been in the 100's since May and have not had a drop of rain for at least 2 months!  The high today without the heat index is 102! I'm praying for rain, washing my car, etc. but nothing is changing!  Please help in praying for rain!

In other news, my hubby is turning the BIG 30 this Saturday!! We had his birthday party last Sunday with a big boat party on Lake Travis! It was so much fun & he thoroughly enjoyed it! He's going golfing with his friends during the day Saturday & I have another friend's boat party to attend, but then we're meeting up afterwards to have dinner & watch the Green Lantern at the Alamo Draft House, just the 2 of us! Sunday we're celebrating Father's Day by going to church, then brunch, followed by relaxing & hanging out together.  We're meeting his family Sunday for his birthday/Father's Day dinner.  Should be a perfect weekend! (Be even more perfect if it rained for bit! haha!)

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