June 3, 2011

I am a little undecided on how to proceed...

Starting on Monday or so, Bella has started saying "Yes Ma'am" & "Yes Sir" when we ask her to do something or ask her a question.  I know it's great that she is learning manners & hope she says this to adults she meets & speaks to, but for her parents, I'm not so sure.  I was raised to call adults Ma'am & Sir to show respect, but my parents always told me never to say that to them.  Nothing bad about it, but they felt they'd rather be called Mom & Dad. 

When Bella says it to me, it literally throws me off for a second, because A) I'm not used to her saying it yet & B) I feel like she shouldn't feel the need to say that to me & her Dad. She should feel more comfortable saying Mommy & Daddy to us. 

Eric is very "into" her calling us Ma'am and Sir, and now when she doesn't say it, he will correct her. (Not all the time and not in a mean way, but just as a reminder) I tell him not to, but he was brought up differently and feels she is showing us respect. 

How do you feel about it? 
For new readers, our daughter is still young and learning. (She's 4 1/2)


  1. I think it is great that she says yes ma'am and no sir... let her learn it now then when she is old enough to understand explain to her that she doesn't have to say it to you, but to others out of respect!

  2. We have kynli say yes sir and yes ma'am to us as well. We don't make her say it every time but if she answers us with a yeah or something like that then we remind her it is sir or ma'am.

  3. Thanks ladies! We discussed it and think it's a good thing to learn respect & how to treat adults. I just now have to get used to hearing it!


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