Weekend Wrap Up

June 20, 2011

I wanted to preface this post by saying I have no pictures from our weekend because frankly, the entire weekend was spent celebrating my husband, and by Sunday night I was fairly exhausted! So here goes the awesome weekend we had that might be a tad boring for you since there's nothing to show for it! Pictures to come!

Saturday was my hub's 30th birthday.  I spent the day celebrating on a boat with a bunch of girls without Eric.  My friend's birthday is the day before his, so I went to celebrate her birthday, while he went golfing with the guys to celebrate his.  We both got home around the same time, got all ready, and went to the Alamo Draft House to see Green Lantern.  It was actually a good movie and we really enjoyed spending some quality time together. 

Sunday we picked Bella up early from Grandma's, then headed to church.  They did a slideshow of the Dad's in the church with their kids, and Eric & Bella were on the slide show! It was so cute!  After church, I surprised Eric with lunch (brunch for us who didn't eat before church) at Chuy's! He was really surprised and happy I picked his favorite place. I asked him what all he wanted to do for Father's Day and here was his response: "Sit on the couch with a nice cold beer & watch the US Open." So that's exactly how our afternoon was spent.  I cleaned the house a little while Eric & Bella laid on the couch.  Then I met them up for a family nap time.  We ended this fabulous weekend with dinner at North by Northwest with Eric's family celebrating Father's Day & Eric's birthday! Great weekend! 

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