Seriously, 1 Week?!

July 13, 2011

I just realized today that we have a little over a week left until we fly to New York.  This will be Bella's first airplane ride, so we decided to break it up & have a layover in Chicago both ways.  That way she can run around & we can grab lunch before getting on another plane & going to NYC.  Here's why I'm already trying not to stress & go crazy...

We have to go to Dallas this weekend for one of my besties from HS's wedding.  That means I can't start packing for NY until Sunday evening when we get back into town from Dallas!!! Hello, that's only 5 days to pack for 3 people to be out of town for 8 days!! However will I manage?!

My neurotic mind has also thought about what to bring on the plane with us to keep a 4 year old entertained for 4 1/2 hours total! I've got her DVD player, our Macbook, coloring books & crayons, tons of snacks, paper to draw on, & 2 stuffed animals marked down in my "list". Whew this is going to be one crazy vacation!! Pray that we make it back all in 1 piece & with our minds fully intact!


  1. You will get it all done with time to spare... why b/c of your crazy neurotic mind : )

  2. Yeah Texas Longhorns! Visiting you from Blogaholic. I too am a Texan. You should join our Texas group on Blogaholic. I am following you on GFC now. Stop by and visit.


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