Weekend Wrap Up - 4th of July Edition

July 5, 2011

Friday morning Bella had her 4th of July parade at school.  I had to work, but Daddy, Grandma, & Grandpa were all able to make it and took tons of pictures & video of her.  She looked adorable!
Bella stayed at Grandma's Friday night, and I had my Girl's Night In.  We had so much fun catching up & just laughing the night away! The guys all met up for dinner & drinks while we had our girl's night.  It was such a fun evening & I can't wait for the next one!

Me, Jess, Monica, Sandra, Amanda, & Justine @ Girl's Night
Saturday we spent the entire day car shopping in 102 degree weather.  We found my car and by the time we were ready to sign everything, Bella was exhausted and starving, so we are going today to sign the papers & get my new car! We did get to take it home & have been loving it since.  By that night we were all exhausted, so we ended up in bed by 9 p.m. and Bella actually slept until 8 a.m. Sunday morning! I had to actually wake her & Daddy up to get ready for church.  Shocking!

Bella in her 4th of July outfit for church
After church we relaxed a little before going to Aunt Sandra & Uncle Mark's (Eric's Sister & BIL) house.  We decided to celebrate Independence Day Sunday since no one had to work Monday and we wouldn't be rushing to get home early.  We went swimming & Bella made a friend at the pool named Alex.  They played the entire time together.  Afterwards, we came back to their house where we had dinner on the patio and enjoyed the evening outside.  It was perfect!

Sandra & me at the Sonoma Pool
Monday was cleaning day.  We cleaned our house completely including fans, changing out the air filters, etc.  We bbq'd hamburgers & made fries for dinner, and spent the day just the 3 of us relaxing & celebrating America's birthday!  We hope everyone had a perfect 4th of July weekend!!

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