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August 23, 2011

Yesterday was Bella's 1st day of Excel class.  It's the same thing as kindergarten at her daycare, but since she's only 4, she'll have to go to kinder again next year so as not to confuse her, we just call it Excel Class.  Here's the rundown of her 1st day...

Momma forgot to take any type of pictures before school because I was running around picking up toys, making breakfast & lunches, and trying to get to work at a reasonable hour.  So I figured, I'd take a few pics after I picked her up that day... not so much! Eric said she did wonderful when he took her to school.  No crying with the new teacher & really excited to start her big girl class! When I picked her up at 4 p.m., she was happy, I met her new teacher, Ms. Trish & she said Bella was an angel all day!  Woo-hoo!!!

On the drive home Bella was super quiet.  (Not normal when Radio Disney is on, she knows EVERY SINGLE SONG) I asked her about her day and she replied in one word answers, so I left it.  I soon realized her very favorite Selena Gomez song was playing and no singing was coming from the back seat... I look in my rear view & Bella is asleep in her booster seat! She hasn't fallen asleep after school since she was an infant, so I was utterly shocked! I woke her up once we got home & she went to her room to lay in bed and watch tv while Momma hopped into the shower. 

I checked back in on her and she was awake & happy, so we went downstairs so I could make dinner. Bella went right to the couch and got her blankie.  She never fell back asleep, but she might have said 3 words to me before Daddy got home.  Amazing!  Grandma, Aunt Tanya, & Cousin Austyn all called to see how her 1st day went and she told them all the same thing... "It was a GREAT day!" 

Momma agrees


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