August 2, 2011

Having the alarm go off at 4:50 a.m. every morning is a hard thing to get used to.  I had 9 straight days without any type of alarm & was perfectly happy keeping it that way.  Unfortunately, my work thinks otherwise & so I get up before the sun rises every week day morning.  I'm usually a morning person and can get right up and start getting ready, but this week has been extremely tough.  I want to push the dreaded snooze button but know that if I do those glorious breakfast & lunches will not get made and my dreams of being "Mommy of the Year" would be put on hold again... ;)

While in New York I was able to check my meal list off completely!  I wanted to have NY pizza, bagels, sushi, & local wines.  I got to try them all and some more than once! Everything was so delicious, I wish I could bring those back with me.  I will be logging onto a local winery I found in Long Island and loved their blush wine!! But along with the awesome food & great hospitality, we also caught bad colds while there.  Eric & I have been coughing like crazy for over a week now, & luckily Bella hasn't caught it! (Do you hear me knocking on wood?!)  It has also helped aide in my exhaustion filled evenings. 

So to help combat the exhaustion, I decided that tonight, Momma is not cooking! That's right people, I am getting a pizza ordered in so I can relax and have a nice quiet uneventful evening! Woo-Hoo!! Although I do wonder if pizza is acceptable for the Mommy of the Year Award.... hmmmm.

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