Getting Used to A No Toddler House

August 25, 2011

Bella working on her 1st homework!

On Tuesday, I went to pick Bella up from school and her teacher told me that every Tuesday & Thursday she will now have homework to do.  I knew it was coming, but it still scared the crud out of me to know the baby girl I still think of as a toddler is having to do homework twice a week!

She also said that the kids get to decide if they want to take a nap everyday.  Hello?! My daughter will always choose to skip nap time when given the decision!

My little baby isn't even a toddler anymore and that makes me happy, but also saddens me.  As you know, she is going to be our only child (unless God has other plans for us), so with her going to actual school, having homework, & now spending a lot of time in her bedroom watching tv or reading, I feel old! It's exciting but also quite scary to know she is growing up too quickly...

Anyone else going through the same thing?

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