God Gave Me You

August 18, 2011

On Tuesday night, Eric & I decided to break out our IPhones & play different music from the "kid's" section on ITunes for Bella.  She loved it because we played a bunch of theme songs from her favorite cartoons, & a ton of Phineaus & Ferb music.  Afterwards, we put on some of her favorite country songs to dance to.  We had a great time just singing along to the music and watching her dance.  

Eric went upstairs to get her bath going, & I decided to play a song I have loved even before it went country.  The song is called "God Gave Me You" and Blake Shelton has remade it, which I love! When I started playing it Bella got excited because she knows the words to most of the song.  So we sat together & sang the chorus.  She then looked at me and said, "Mommy this is our song.  God gave me you because you're such a great mommy & I'm glad he did!" My heart just melted right there! I told her I was the one that's blessed because God gave me her.  Then we hugged and played the song again, while I cried with happiness! 

If you haven't heard this song, please listen, it's so awesome!!  



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  3. This really touch my heart when I was reading your post. I will play this song for my dad while he is at the hospital.

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